I am home sick for the second day in a row. I did get up and check my work email this morning and made some phone calls, so technically I have worked today, but from home and I don’t want to be home!!! This illness sucks. Mostly it’s a sore throat, a VERY sore throat. But it is also a general head / chest thing. The last two nights I’ve been in so much pain at bed time that I’ve been sleeping on the couch so the t.v. could distract me enough to get some sleep. I really want my life back. I want to be able to go to the gym in the morning and do all my daily stuff, but mostly, I want to get better before this weekend because I do not want to be sick for the insemination. That would be bad. The only good thing about the timing of this illness is that I am taking robitussin for chest congestion, and that would be the same robitussin some people take to increase their FM. Okay, I may have done this once or twice, but this time I am doing it out of medical necessity and not crazy TTC nonsense!

I also ordered my matron of honor dress this morning (I love J.Crew wedding, that’s also where I got my wedding dress). My best friend is getting married in June on Southwest Harbor, Maine. I ordered it in navy and lawn. I am praying I’ll be preggers by then and praying harder that this style dress will grow with me. Five months is the most I’d be, so I think it will be okay.

Well I am off to watch terrible day time t.v. and wish myself well.