A. and I decided to bail out of work early today and leave a day early! Everyone that is traveling to my parents has arrived or is getting there today, so I couldn’t stand to wait another night.

Last night we spent a good five hours trying to get ready to leave this afternoon. I had lots of crafting left to do and still have one or two hats to knit. But just about everything is wrapped and packed and our bags are packed. All we have to do is get the cats’ stuff packed up and we’ll be ready to go! I don’t know what we’ll do when we are traveling with children. As it is now we have three suitcases (the largest one is packed only with presents), a duffel bag, my knitting bag, two cat carriers, and some assorted essentials (foods, teas, etc.). Our little Subaru is going to be packed. Where would we put a kid?

I am going to go into work and get the small stuff I need to get done and leave as soon as possible. I really don’t have much to do so I’d end up knitting if I stayed there. I can’t believe this vacation is finally here! We are getting away from work and have no real plans to speak of. I am so glad we are not TTC this month, other wise we’d be having to orchestrate that at my parent’s house over Christmas. Ugh! They are cool, but not that cool.

This will likely be my last post until we get home, so happy holidays to all of you. I hope laughter and love surrounds you. Peace.