…until my Winter break begins and we can get out of here!

Friday begins a 10 day vacation for A. and I. I need it. We’ll leave Friday morning to go to my parent’s house. I can’t wait to get away and to leave the recent events behind. I want to cuddle up at my parent’s house in front of the fire, sipping wine or Baileys, while surrounded by my favorite family members. I want to be in the kitchen *helping* cook the varieties of food we’ll serve up, and I want to attempt for the 3rd or 4th time to bake a chocolate silk pie, my Dad’s favorite. And just when we are reaching our limit for being with family, we’ll come home and enjoy several quiet, relaxing days at home, just the two of us. From there we’ll travel to a friend’s for New Year’s for what is sure to be more fun than I am ready for.

I wish it could start now.