I joined a gym a while ago. So far I’ve been dragging myself there after work, in the freezing cold and dark. It is really hard to be motivated to go after the sun goes down and when I am tired from working. I joined with a gym buddy, who’s also a co-worker. Yesterday while shoving our mouths with delectable desserts at our holiday lunch we made a plan to go to the gym this morning (we’re getting together for drinks tonight, so we knew we wouldn’t go then). Now, both of us usually sleep till 8 or 8:30 and crawl into the office sometime after 9. So the thought of getting up at 6:30AM, seemed cruel and usual, but we made the plan.

I called her when I got up and then we headed off to the gym together. It was very cold this morning, but not as cold as when I got home last night (1 degree F). We got to the gym and started in the sauna. That is the best way to prepare our freezing cold bodies to work out. Every bit of chill in my body immediately melted away and I could feel my cheek muscles relax. Then we went and did our separate work outs. I was on the treadmill, running, and this is the best part- I watched the sun rise over the mountains. Now that alone made it worth getting out of bed so early in the bitter cold.

My friend and I were commenting in the car how much we enjoyed our morning workout and how amazing it is to see the sun!!!! I think we’ll try to make it there in the morning more often.