My mom , SIL, and nephew are supposed to come visit this weekend. A. and I have not seen our nephew since Halloween, and I’ve tried to see him twice since, only to have it cancelled for one reason or another. And it looks like mother nature will cancel our visit this weekend. The Northeast is expecting a huge snow storm, more than a foot of snow in some areas. So of course they don’t want to drive out here (I don’t blame them). But man I am bummed! I miss the little guy so much. He was just crawling when we saw him last and now he is motoring all over the place.

The only good thing than may come of this would be a snow day. The college I work at already cancelled several events. I bet the most we’d get would be a delayed opening- tomorrow is the last day of classes so I think it would be a nightmare if we were closed for the entire day. Oh well. I could go to the gym in the morning if we have a delayed start…I can’t seem to get myself there tonight. It’s just too cold!