The KD lives where I grew up so we stayed with my parents last night. I wanted to tell my mom the latest news, but was nervous. I finally told her and she was so pleased! She supports us getting pregnant in what ever way we want to, but she is much more comfortable with a known donor. She was excited to hear that we are leaning this way and even excited to learn that the KD is friends with not one, but two of my parent’s neighbors! Small town living for ya. After I told her, she told me for about the 100th time that her lesbian friends, who did this 21 years ago and used a KD and they’ve told her how beneficial it has been for them. She’s trying to set up a dinner for all of us to get together when we are visiting for Christmas. I have sooooooooooooo many questions for them.

Another update: the friend who set this in motion just called and said the KD spoke with her today and told her he enjoyed meeting with us and is really excited about the prospect of doing this with us.