We are officially in the two week wait, which I lovingly refer to as hell.

The second insem went fine. We had a hard time staying awake till midnight but we managed. I was all propped up in the bed and was amazed to wake up at 3am in the same position! I had a hell of a time getting out of bed to go to the bathroom and then nearly tripped on all the pillows when I came back. But I am glad I apparently was laying elevated for three hours. I did not get a spike in my temp this morning, but I am about 100% sure I have ovulated at this point so there is a super good chance that there was some sperm waiting for my shy little eggy when it finally burst.

So now we wait. I don’t really have much to distract me in the next couple of weeks. Work is kind of busy, so hopefully that will help me from thinking about it too much. And my mom and SIL are coming to visit in a week. We’ve even got a babysitter for my nephew so we can go out to our favorite martini bar. I made all these arraignments before I realized I’d be in the TWW! Ugh…By the time they get here I will know if my period is coming from how my body feels so no worries and if I had to I would gladly skip a night at the martini bar if it means I was prego.

My Christmas shopping is almost over. I am not really into the gifts this year. I am excited for Christmas and to see family and to spend it with my nephew- we haven’t had a kid around at a holiday in a while, but the gifts are just annoying me. Thankfully we all agreed to scale back on the buying this year.

In the next month we will travel to Maine to see A.’s family and celebrate an early Christmas and three birthdays. Just before Christmas we’ll head east to my parent’s for Christmas. I love Christmas at my parents house (usually). My mom is a Christmas freak…she loves it. Well she did until two years ago when her father, whom she was VERY close to suddenly passed away five days before Christmas, we buried him on the 23rd. It sucked- it still does. Needless to say last year was rough and she was not into it, but tried to be, and really just made us all insane. We had one of our worst fights ever and it was our first fight since I was in high school. I think she has dealt with her grief a little more now and while it will always be a hard time of year for her I think she is getting back into it. And why not, now she has a grandson! She’s also hosting a Christmas party for the neighborhood children, another sign she is getting her spirit back. Where was I going with this? Well, just that I really like Christmas at my parents. I enjoy seeing family and it is the only time of year I see my crazy uncle from WA state. We drink a lot, eat a lot, and generally have fun. A. and I also usually go to a candle light Christmas Eve service at the UU church we were married in (the town over from my parent’s house). Being able to attend that service is really special to both of us- we wish we could transplant that UU to where we live! The minister is amazing and even though we only go there about three times a year, it feels more like our church than the one we quasi attend where we live. We’ve talked about having our children dedicated there when the time comes.

I also like this time of year because working at a college, we often get a bonus week off between Christmas and New Years. The college shuts down to conserve energy and we get an extra week off. Now if only they’d finance a Caribbean vacation!