A. and I both ran home for an extended “lunch” today. It was a lot easier this time around. Last time we were so stressed out!

This cycle we used preseed, something I’ve heard rave reviews about. We took turns thawing the swimmers. It was all over as soon as it began. Then we started waiting. I was laying with my feet up trying to knit– a work out for my arms. And then one of our cats wanted to play. She kept fetching her mouse and dropping it by my head. It was too cute. Then she cuddled up next to me on one of the pillows.

I was only able to lay down for a little over an hour this time because I needed to get back to work, but I am sure that was okay. I can’t imagine how people do this when they don’t have flexibility at work. I feel really lucky that I have the autonomy to come and go as I need to. Round two will be at midnight…