Well Thanksgiving is over and we all survived it. The day started around 7:30 when our love cat began crawling all over us and then went over to the window and pulled the curtain back to reveal snow!!! I love the first snow fall. I made a big breakfast for A., her sister, and I. We hung out for a while then the rest of her family joined us. My poor parents had a hell of a ride. They delayed leaving to wait out the snow. But they were not the only ones. So they ended up in terrible traffic — a 3 hour ride turned into 4 1/2 hours. But they made it in time for our 3pm reservation. We had the most wonderful dinner! Everything was soooooo good. While driving home, just before dark, I was awestruck by the beauty of the snow capped hills that surround this valley I live in. It was beautiful. Suddenly it was worth the cold, and boots, hats and mittens, etc.

Everyone came back to our place for more pies. The men were watching football and the women were sipping wine. (I could puke on the gender roles– but I’d much rather drink wine than watch football.) I strongly suggested we play a board game. We played Taboo! and Cranium. It was fun and my team won Cranium- after getting a pathetic start! All in all the holiday was a success. There were a few moments of tension. But no all out screaming matches, and I think, for the most part everyone enjoyed themselves.

It is so wonderful to have today off. The families are gone. And I am still in my pjs. Poor A. had to jump in the car this morning to pick up our sperm. My opk showed a slight change today, so I predict my positive will come in the next 24 hours. We considered doing 3 insems this time, but after speaking about it with my midwife we decided to stick with two. She said as long as we are confident about our timing there is no reason to do more than two. We are confident about knowing when I ovulate, so we are going with her expert advice. She also indicated we should never use two vials for a single insem as the cervix can only hold so much sperm and we’d likely lose a bunch. She’s gotten hundreds of women pregnant, so I am going with her. We inseminated against her timing last cycle (we did it too early 24 and 36 hours). She’s been telling us all along to insem at 36 and 48 hours. It was just too hard to wait. But given that the swimmers only live about 12 hours I do think she is right. It’s just so hard to wait! I think my egg is coming from the right ovary this time. The last two cycles its come from the left.

For now I am just a lady in waiting (for ovulation). Until then I will continue to consume massive amounts of green tea, grapefruit juice, and Robitussin.