A new holiday season is at our doorstep, ringing the doorbell…A. and I planned to ignore the bell this year, but our family had different plans for us…

We do sooooooooooooo much driving this time of year (A.’s family is 5 hours away, mine is 3 hours away…we normally go to her’s for TGiving, then back three weeks later for an early Xmas and then home for a few days, and then to my family’s for Xmas). Last year the driving made us crazy (okay there may have been other things that made us crazy as well). So we came up with a brilliant plan to avoid Thanksgiving. Way back in August I agreed to be on-call for work during Thanksgiving week. I can not travel when I am on-call, so it was perfect, we’d stay at home and have a nice holiday with just the two of us (something we’ve never done).

Our plan backfired. A. broke the news to her mom in September or October that we were not coming for the holiday. We think she was upset about it. Then several weeks ago my mom felt bad that we’d be alone, and invited herself and my father to come to us. That was okay. We were certainly okay being alone (even more so now since insemination time is upon us). But what ever. They planned to come here the morning of Thanksgiving and leave the next day and we would of course go out to dinner. So we were okay with that, low stress, one night, no big deal. Then A. was talking to her mom and her mom was shaky on their plans and really seemed to want to see us. So A. threw out the offer to for them to come to us – never thinking she’d bite. She did. So now we have my parents, her parents and her two teenage siblings coming to our place. All of this is really okay. The two families get along just fine and my mom is excited to see A.’s family (they have not seen each other since our wedding in June 04).

A. is more freaked out than I. But that’s probably because in general her family stresses her out more than mine does me. There are more of them and half of them are teenagers! Ewww. But we are going with our plan and going out to eat. It would be a sad dinner if we cooked! A. is vegetarian and I don’t cook. So there’d be no turkey and honestly our families are such picky eaters that they would not like the wonderful food A. would cook.

Her family will descend on us today and mine tomorrow. They’re all getting the boot on Friday. A. is heading to Boston to pick up our sperm and then we’re going to get busy. So the visit will be short lived and all we really have to do is get some food to have around for snacks and dessert.

So much for our plan, but at least we got out of traveling! And that is a good thing since we are supposed to get SNOW! The first snow fall of the season.

What are you doing for Thanksgiving?