I am leaving after work tomorrow to go visit one of my oldest friends for three nights (that means THREE DAYS away from work!). When I spoke to her on the phone recently I said you have no idea how happy I am to have three days off from work. And she was like, are you excited to see me or just have time off? Well both! I am excited to see her, but I need this time off and away. We’re getting to the point in the semester when I just want all the students to go home! Why is it that the problems arise when there is so little time left. We’ve got 4 weeks of classes left. I just want to tell them to settled down and deal. Soon they will be home for winter break. But back to my vacation….I am leaving as soon as my 3:30 meeting lets out. Just me, a bottle of seltzer, and a few good CDs playing. I am looking forward to the drive. We don’t really have plans and that is okay with me. I’m more of the lay around and then decide what to do as you want to type of gal. We do have exciting plans for Friday. Another friend of ours has invited us to witness her and her husband adopt their first child. They have a long sorted infertility story that dates back about ten years. They’ve been fostering children for at least three years and are now adopting a little girl they’ve been fostering for 1 1/2 years. They’ve wanted children for so long and have been through so much. I am so happy for them and honored to be there to witness this event.

On another subject. I had an I feel like a crazy mom moment today. I work in residential life with college students (as you may have guessed from the above text). I have a staff of seven student house interns (RAs at typical colleges). So we had to cook dinner for 40 people tonight. Everyone had a task and I was there to help and make sure all was well (oh and I made eggplant parmesan). So I am in the middle of the kitchen with at least five of my students asking me questions: how long have the brownies been in the oven, do we have tin foil, what needs to be done, why didn’t ______ start baking sooner, and so on…and then there was my most challenging intern questioning me about something. Normally I would have gotten frustrated and in a not so nice way let him know now was not the time, but somehow I managed to filter the questions, be the time keeper for two ovens full of food, give direction on how what and when, and engage in this conversation. I kept thinking, why are you talking about this right now? But somehow I continued the conversation and directed dinner making for 40. The dinner was great, I won the conversation, and I learned that I do not want seven children!

Now I must go off to sleepy land…and rest up for my V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N!