Last night A. and I left work on time to pick up our veggies at our CSA (community supported agriculture) and then ran to the market to pick up some eggs. When we got home A. prepared a very healthy dinner and after cleaning up we prepared for insemination.

I’m not much of a t.v. person, but I also don’t sit still well for too long, and was preparing to be on my back with my legs up for two hours….so we decided the living room with the t.v. was a good place to do the insem. We locked the cats in our bed room, I got the egg whites ready, and helped A. figure out how to open the tank. We were both a little scared of it. But it was really kind of cool when I pulled the thing out that held the vials and condensation immediately filled the air. A. got to work thawing the sperm and I got “comfortable” on the couch (that’s an oximoron in this scenario).

By 7:30 we were ready. A. inserted some egg whites, and then came the sperm. Relax she tells me. Like that’s possible…but I took a few deep breathes and she got it in there. It was all over very fast. I am sure my egg is coming from my left ovary, so I tilted to my left first, while my but and legs were propped up against the wall. Then I turned to my right, then to my tummy and finally just on my back. We watched reruns of Friends and then Sex in the City. I had to run to the bathroom after about and hour and a half, but then went back to legs up. Around 10:00 we headed to bed. And I slept better than I have ever slept! I think I was so relieved that we did it and there were no major disasters. I realize now how emotionally drained I have been leading up to this.

We did the second one at 6:30 this morning. Afterwards, I did the rotations and then I put my leg up and got “comfortable” while watching a movie before heading to work at 9:00.

I have been in a really good mood all day. Of course I want it to work, but I am also relieved that we’ve started and now we know what to expect. I have a tendency of convincing myself things won’t work in an effort not to be let down (odd because I do have a very optimistic outlook on things in general). And I am doing it now. I am frustrated because my chart sucked this cycle, but we went with my body signals and I am hopeful that my intuition was on.

We’re not sure yet if we’ll test or wait for a missed period. These next two weeks will be rough, but I am reveling in the fact that I could be pregnant. And a little freaked out that I have sperm in me. It’s really weird.