It’s a strange feeling to put a tank of sperm in the back seat of your car and worry about it not tipping over, and thinking the contents of that tank could become our child. But we did just that today.

A. and I set out early this morning for Boston. We avoided rush hour and made it to the cryogenic center in just under two hours. We walked into a large stark space, told the receptionist who we were and that we were picking up a tank. She was quite lovely and needed to photo copy my license and then handed us the tank and wished us luck. She advised us not to tip the tank. So we were careful to secure it on the floor in the back seat. Next stop, my brother and sister in law’s house.

Being the paranoid person that I am, I had to bring the tank into their house while we were visiting because I was afraid it would blow up in the car. I showed it to my SIL to introduced her to her future niece or nephew. She laughed- we have a weird sense of humor. We spent a lovely day with her and our nephew (who crawled for the first time while we were there). He also took a nap on me and it was just too precious.

We left in time for them to get ready to go out trick-or-treating. As A. and I headed west to our home, I just kept thinking about the sperm in the back. A. was feeling sentimental too – I believe she said we’ve got some guy’s jizz back there. Nice, hun. I got a positive OPK tonight, and we are starting to freak out about the timing of the insemination. Stay tuned…