I’ve been reading Birthing From Within and it has helped me to think about this whole process and the exciting journey that it is rather than just focusing on getting pregnant – which I can easily be consumed by. I feel lucky to have been able to share our plans with family, some close friends and a couple friends who are also co-workers. I have also noticed that several people who do not know what’s up have commented on how great I seem lately. I have been thinking about my body differently for the last three months and treating it the best I ever have. I can’t help but believe my inerpeace and general nourishment has led to people in my life noticing that something is different.

I feel excited for this time before pregnancy. It is exciting to “prepare” my body. This is certainly not how I felt a year ago when we started this. I feel the best I’ve ever been. I am happy I can joke about the regime I am keeping: take my temp before getting out of bed, taking the OPK test and timing them just right, prenatal vitamins, fertility teas, supplements for hormonal balance…cutting out my vices, and having every bodily function recorded on a chart.

All the details can get me down. And it did when we started last year. But this time around I am coming from a different place and I think it all relates back to thinking of this as a journey and enjoying each day, each step along the way – the challenges and the joys.

Once we pick up our sperm tomorrow, we’ll start on a new part of this journey; so far we’ve been readying my body. And now we are ready to start and we are sure to experience disappointments along the way, just as we have in this first phase. We have to hold onto our hope and keep everything in perspective.

I’m sure I’ll need to be reminded of this along the way…