It is so nasty here! The rain is so heavy, I imagine there is quite a bit of local flooding. I have to work at a farm festival today, I am not too excited to be out in the cold and rain and I’m not feeling all that great again today.

We poured over short profiles last night, and then ordered four long profiles. One was stellar, one was pretty good and two were okay. So we are going with the stellar one. He is also the one that the woman I spoke with yesterday from the cryogenic center said “oh he’s a good one” after I read his number to check on his availability. He’s 25, was a pre-med major, is currently a molecular lab tech, does NOT wear “jockey type” underwear, and does not drink coffee- and he meets the demographics we’re looking for: Irish/English, no taller than 6 feet, brown hair/eyes, and so on. Again, I find it very strange that we are designing a baby. I think we’ll order about three months worth on Monday. I know they have a little over 80 vials of his specimen. If by some stroke of luck, I get pregnant early on, we are hopping to be able to buy up and store some more for baby #2.

Wish me luck as I head out into the rain for the day!