We had a lovely weekend visiting my cousin and her partner in Maine. It rained all weekend, so we got to watch some movies, hang out, and catch up.

I had my last pre-insemination appointment with our midwife on Friday. As luck would have it, I was ovulating. And since I was having a pap, A. was able to see the the os of my cervix. Let me tell you, it was a whole lot of fun have two people poking at me and talking about how neat it looked and so on…mean while I am on my back, thinking, can we end this already!

I am glad the timing worked out and that A. got to see what it looks like when I am ovulating. Our midwife also gave us what we needed to inseminate and warned us about how to remove the sperm from the tank and what will happen once we start to thaw it. She says it will make a lot of popping sounds- which I am sure would have freaked us out if we were not expecting it! She also warned us to keep the pets away from the sperm…we have two very curious cats. She said dogs are more likely to be interested in the sperm, but we just don’t trust our cats!

So now we have to sit and wait…I hope the next 3 1/2 weeks go by fast!