I began charting my last full cycle before insemination. It’s crazy that this is my last chance to get it right before insemination. Between my chart and charting on fertilityfriend.com, I am feeling pretty confident about when my fertility peaks, but I hope to hone in on it a little more this cycle before we go squirting several hundred dollars worth sperm in me. I’ve got most everything down, but I still struggle with checking my mucus. I know in order to be successful, I need to have a routine- either in the morning or at night, but it needs to be at the same time each day. And I am doing better at it this cycle, but wonder how other women feel about it. I guess I have not done it consistently enough to really notice the differences. I’ve seen slight changes but nothing dramatic. Any advice?

My mother visited last weekend I let her read the long profile for the donor we chose. She wanted to and it went pretty well. I think on some level the whole idea freaks her out, but she really wants to be supportive and even more she wants more grandchildren. Several weeks ago I was sharing with her my excitement that we’ll be able to do ICI instead of IUI and about half way through the conversation I realized it was too much info for her (and probably most people unless they are connected to the world of AI). I guess I am just so excited that I want to talk about it with anyone I can. And therefore the creation of this blog.